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Which Disney Films Do People Love and Hate?

No one can argue that Disney has won many hearts over the past 97 years, and now that Disney is also in charge of fan-favorites Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar, they have even more fantastic movies for us to enjoy.

We know sometimes critics and audiences just can’t agree about certain films but what about movies that split fans’ opinions? It turns out that audiences aren’t always on the same page either.

Do Rotten Tomatoes users and IMDb users prefer different types of movies? That’s what the team over at Budget Direct wanted to find out.

Budget Direct released a new study that reveals the Disney+ titles that IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes users can’t agree on. To do this, their team gathered user ratings and reviews for every Disney movie from users on IMDb and users on Rotten Tomatoes. The result? The ultimate list of Disney+ content that IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes most disagree on.

Do you think these movies are over or under-rated?

Disney Movies that Divided Fans

The most controversial Disney movie came as recently as 2017. The 8th Star Wars film, Star Wars: The Last Jedi caused some arguments between fans and critics. It seems that Rotten Tomatoes users REALLY didn’t like the film when compared to IMDb users.

The second most divisive Disney movie was the 2003 animation Atlantis: Milo’s Return. The sequel to Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001) ended up as three animated shorts rather than a feature length, and went straight to video on release.

Split Audience 10 most divisive Disney Movies
Split Audience 10 most divisive Disney Movies

Mixed Reviews for Marvel

The hotly anticipated 2019 superhero adventure Captain Marvel got a decent review from Rotten Tomatoes (almost 80%), but was scored 6 points by fans on IMdb. Perhaps certain fans of the Marvel universe weren’t ready for a strong woman superhero, even though the main character (aka Carol Danvers, played by Brie Larson), has actually been around since 1968!

Split Audience Top 5 Marvel
Split Audience Top 5 Marvel

Pixar Films that Puzzled Audiences

The most-recent adventure of Woody, Buzz, and friends was generally received well by critics and audiences alike. However, Toy Story 4 (2019) got an extremely high fan rating on Rotten Tomatoes (97%) compared to average-to-good score on IMDb (7.8). Perhaps IMDb users were aware that the series was showing the signs that it was ready to end?

Split Audience Top 5 Disney Pixar
Split Audience Top 5 Disney Pixar

Star Wars: The Critical Disagreement

Although 2017’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi was the Star Wars film that divided fans and critics the most, Star Wars: The Clone Wars wins the honor of being the Star Wars film that split the fans. The CGI animation failed to impress the critics, but fans were even less impressed by low-quality animation and narrative.

Split Audience Top 5 Star Wars
Split Audience Top 5 Star Wars

Different people look for different qualities in a movie. Rating and reviews can be a good guide, sometimes, but ultimately you can decide for yourself. Do you agree with the critics or audiences about these movies? Maybe you should watch them first, to find out!

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How to clean wooden toys?

Did you know that we love wooden toys? Trick question. Everyone knows how much we LOVE wooden toys at CleverStuff.

They are natural, eco-friendly, durable and educational. They stimulate a love of learning in early childhood education.

But, one question we get asked almost daily is how do you clean wooden toys? What is the best way to keep wooden toys clean and safe for children?

Here are our best tips for keeping your wooden toys clean and sterile for your child.

  1. Never soak them or immerse the wooden toys in water. Especially do not put them in a dishwasher. A simple spray and wipe with a cloth and warm, soapy water will do the trick. Because wood products are porous they can soak up any water if immersed, which can lead to swelling and cracking.

    clean 571679 1280 large

  2. Use natural products when cleaning your wooden toys. Dishwashing liquid with some warm water and a splash vinegar (we like apple cider, but white vinegar works well too) is ideal. Because wood is naturally antibacterial they will be more protected against germs compared to their plastic counterparts.
  3. Pop the freshly cleaned wooden toys out in the sun for a short time. This is a great way to kill more germs and will help them dry quickly too. Don’t leave them in direct sunlight for an extended period of time as this may lead to cracking or the gorgeous colours of your toys fading.

    Mum and Child large

  4. Above all else, check the manufacturers care instructions and follow them. The above is general advice, but not recommended for every and all wooden toys.

So, there you have it. Our top tips for cleaning wooden toys. How simple and easy does that sound.

Now that your toys have had a quick spray and wipe, it’s time to play again!

Need some new wooden toys to add to your collection? We can help! Check out our huge range of wooden educational toys here.

Clean Wooden Toys large

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Unicorns Unite! Become Protectors of the Rainbow with Starlux Games


Calling all Unicorns!  You are needed to protect the rainbow!

Given the current events of today and how different all of our lives look this spring and summer compared to the normal.  During these times, kids still need opportunities to have fun and bond with their parents and siblings.  This is where Starlux Games comes in with their newest game: Protectors of the Rainbow!  This is the perfect game to play with your family now at your house, then the perfect game for your kids and their friends to play anytime in the future.

Protectors of the Rainbow will give you and your kids an opportunity to spend time together as well as getting off the couch and moving, even if it’s only within the confines of your home.  Protectors of the Rainbow is a great alternative to spending time playing video games.  This is one of our most recommended games for families this summer!

How Do I Play Protectors Of The Rainbow?

It is quite simple, the leprechauns (or parents) will hide all of the gems from the rainbow.  Then. the unicorns, or kids, will search for all the hidden gems and bring them back to the rainbow for a colorful light display!

Unicorns Unite! Become Protectors of the Rainbow with Starlux Games
Protectors of the Rainbow by Starlux Games


What ages can play Protectors Of the Rainbow?

Starlux Games has done an amazing job with this game and they recommend this game for anyone 4 years old and up.  However, my opinion is you can play this with any age since the Unicorns will need to use teamwork to find all the gems, your older kids can help and guide the younger kids so everyone can play together.

How many people can play Protectors Of the Rainbow?

This game of strategy and teamwork can be played with any number of adults and kids.  Adults can work together to hide the gems and the kids can go find them.  Or give the kids a new perspective and let them hide the gems from the parent to see if they know any good hiding places that you may not.


Gameplay Video

Check out this clip of how to play and how much fun you will have once you get it.t


When all the gems are returned to the cloud, it can double as a nightlight in your child’s room!

Protectors of the Rainbow night light


Head on over to the Kickstarter campaign which ends soon to get your preorder in and be one of the first to own Protectors of the Rainbow!

Check out some of the other great games by Starlux Games too!

Head over to check out more outdoor toys for toddlers with our article about the best outdoor water toys for toddlers.

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Best Puzzles For 2 Year Old Kids in 2020

Puzzles are a great opportunity for kids to learn to problem-solve from a young age.  They are both fun and educational without your child even realizing it which is the best part.  This is why puzzles are a great toy for your 2 year old so we compiled a list of the 5 puzzles for 2 year old kids for you.

Puzzles can range from very easy to very hard, so selecting the right puzzle for your 2 year old is key so they can solve it and gain confidence while doing so.  Then, as they grow, you can continue to give them more advanced puzzles which will be a key component to their brain development, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking.  This makes puzzles an amazing toy for kids that are 2 years old through adulthood.

With this, we now bring you the list of our choices for the best puzzles for a 2 year old toddler.

5 Best Puzzles For 2 Year Old

7 Pack Wooden Puzzles for 2 years old Toddlers 

puzzle for 2 year old

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We love this puzzle pack because it comes with a lot of options that your child can use to learn and grow over the years.  It has different puzzles to help your 2 year old learn numbers, letters, shapes, fruits, and animals from the land, air, and sea.

With all these options, this puzzle set will surely help your 2 year old toddler get ready for school with all the educational tools it provides: hand-eye coordination, memory, pre-reading skills, and fine motor skill just to name a few.


  • There are no sharp corners on this puzzle ensuring the safety of your 2 year old as they play with all 7 puzzles
  • Thick wood construction guarantees a longer life for the puzzles which means your 2 year old can enjoy them for years as they grow and learn
  • Pictures under the puzzle pieces help with matching, so the child has something other than just shapes to use as a way to solve the puzzles
  • This bundle of toddler puzzles for 2 year olds is a great present idea for Christmas, Birthday, Preschool Events, Toddler Party, and School games

The Learning Journey: My First Match It – Head and Tails – Animal Matching Puzzles


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This puzzle for your 2 year old toddler can be his or her first experience with a jigsaw puzzle.  These 2-piece puzzles will help your 2 year old kid learn about animals while matching the head to the tail for each one.  The simple jigsaw puzzles are a great starter when you just give your child 2 pieces that match and have them put it together, then as their fine motor skills and cognitive abilities improve, you can make it more challenging by giving them more and more puzzle and having them remember which pieces go together.  A perfect puzzle for parents to spend time with their children as they grow.


  • Your toddler will love the animal theme while putting each head to the correct tail.
  • Colorfully illustrated puzzles create many opportunities for communication and learning for you and your 2 year old.
  • The My First Match It! puzzles are designed to provide just the right level of challenge for the individual child with the ability to increase the difficulty by giving them more puzzle pieces to match together.
  • A great way to develop basic problem-solving skills like creative thinking and perseverance. 
  • Frustration-free as only each puzzle piece only fits with its matching puzzle piece
  • Completing a puzzle correctly, no matter how simple, will be very rewarding for your child and help them gain confidence.

Fat Brain Toys Wooden Personalized Name Puzzle

custom name puzzle for 2 year old

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A perfect puzzle for your 2 year old as it is customized with his or her name.  Your kid can feel extra special when they are putting together a puzzle that was made specifically for them, helping them learn how to spell their name in the process.  As a parent, it will bring a huge smile to your face as your 2 year old finishes up their custom name puzzle.  Maybe with a little help from you!


  • Customized and made to order puzzle just for your and your 2 year old
  • Can be made with any name (including spaces) as long as it is 9 characters or less
  • The perfect puzzle for your 2 year old to learn then hang it in your kid’s room as a decoration
  • ENCOURAGES FINE MOTOR SKILLS, LETTER RECOGNITION, spelling skills; a delightful self-esteem boost
  • Helps with spelling skills, letter recognition, fine motor skills, and self-esteem boost when your 2 year old finishes their custom name puzzle
  • Vibrant colored letters (chosen randomly).  The letters are 3 inches tall and the base is 4.5 inches tall

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Melissa & Doug Wooden Peg Puzzle for 2 Year Old – 6 Pack of Numbers, Letters, Animals, and Vehicles

melissa and doug peg puzzle for 2 year old

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Another puzzle pack, this time from the popular brand Melissa and Doug.  This 6 pack of puzzles for your 2 year old contains letters, number, farm animals, vehicles, safari animals, and pets.

All of these puzzles will help your child’s knowledge grow and expand before your very eyes.  With every puzzle your kid solves, they will become smarter and more confident.


  • Set of 6 wooden peg puzzles
  • Puzzles included are a 10-piece numbers puzzle, a 26-Piece alphabet puzzle, an 8-piece farm animal puzzle, an 8-piece pets puzzle, a 7-piece safari animals puzzle, and an 8-piece vehicles puzzle
  • Pictures under each piece help your 2 year old solve the puzzles

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Melissa & Doug Latches Board Puzzle

Melissa & Doug Latches Puzzle For 2 year old

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This is our final pick for the best puzzles for 2 year olds, again from Melissa and Doug who has been called the gold standard in early childhood play.  This one is a little more advanced for your child who is a puzzle-solving master!  This has 6 doors with latches that will take your kid’s motor skills to the next level.  What is hiding behind each door?  Your 2 year old can open the latches in this puzzle and find out!

Beyond the latches, there are lots of numbers, bright colors, and other surprises waiting for you and your 2 year old to spend hours together playing, while also learning.


  • The puzzle that will bring joy while also helping your child develop motor skills and finger dexterity
  • This puzzle is made of solid wood so it will last as long as your child can learn from it.
  • This puzzle will help your 2 year old build fine and gross motor skills while discovering numbers, vibrant colors, animals, and more.


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6 Best Outdoor Water Toys For Toddlers – Summer 2020

Summer is in full swing and your children want to play outside all day, everyday, so we are here to help with our list of best outdoor water toys for toddlers.  Nothing helps beat the summer heat more than some water toys for toddlers.  These toys will keep your child busy for hours while keeping them cool and allowing parents to relax while watching their toddler play with their new favorite outdoor water toy.  In our list of best outdoor water toys for toddlers, we tried to pick different types of toys (water tables, splash pads, inflatable water toys, etc.) to give the best variety and many options so hopefully one will be great for your children.

Best Outdoor Water Toys For Toddlers

Little Tikes Flowin’ Fun Water Table For Toddlers

outdoor water toys for toddlers

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Water tables are the most popular water toy for toddlers this summer, so naturally they are out of stock most places.  As of writing this, this water table is in stock and available for you to buy for your toddlers!  This outdoor water toy for your toddler will provide endless hours of fun when you connect it to a hose or dump water in the top tower.  It has 13 interchangeable pipes so you or your kids can change the configuration and have endless possibilities of fun!


Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table – Backyard Water Toys For Toddlers

outside water toys for toddlers

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Another option for a water table that your toddler and all their friends or siblings can use at the same time.  This one has been going in and out of stock while we were looking at this, but it is one of the most popular outdoor water toys for toddlers this year so we wanted to make sure to include it on our list.  Check it out and see if you are lucky enough to be able to get it.  Your kids will love this water table and get enjoyment out of it all summer long.

SplashEZ 3-in-1 Sprinkler for Kids, Splash Pad, and Wading Pool – Backyard Water Toy

backyard water toys for toddlers

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Other than water tables, splash pads are another popular outside water toy for toddlers.  They are multi purpose since they can be used like a sprinkler, a shallow pool, or tons of splashing fun.  One of the simplest and most cost effective outdoor water toys for toddlers.  This particular outside water toy for toddlers also has a learning component built in with the alphabet and animals in the base of the pool area.  When your kid is having tons of fun in their backyard water toy, they can work on their ABCs too!

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Glow Baby Pool

outdoor water toys for toddlers

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When it comes to talking about the best outdoor water toys for toddlers, no list is complete with a simple inflatable pool.  An inflatable pool is a classic among backyard water toys for kids, you can blow it up, fill it up, and your kids can cool off or have fun splashing alongside their friends and parents.  This pool has an inflatable bottom so it will be more comfortable to sit in even if it is on uneven ground, and holds up to 22 gallons of water.  A simple pool will forever be one of the best backyard water toys for toddlers, you can’t go wrong getting one for your friends or family.

HITOP Water Guns for Kids – Water Toys For Toddlers


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Another quintissential water toy in every kids arsenal, a squirt gun.  This 3 pack is perfect for the whole family.  You can have family water gun fights; what kids won’t get enjoyment out of soaking their parents?!    Another good thing about these, is if you combine then with the inflatable pool above, or really any of theo ther toys on this list, they work perfectly together.  Everyone will enjoy squirting each other and staying cool while playing in a pool, splash pad, or at a water table.

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Bunch O Balloons – 420 Rapid-Fill Water Balloons Toys For Toddlers


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The final toy on our list of best outdoor water toys for toddlers is this massive pack of water balloons.  In the days of current parents, we would have to fill and tie every water balloon, one at a time.  Now this pack of water balloons allows you to fill and tie an entire bunch of water balloons all at the same time, allowing you and your children to get to the fun even quicker.  That is why this one makes the list of best outdoor water toys for toddlers.

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