2021-04-17 Brilliant Battleship Games

Brilliant Battleship Games to Develop Logic and Critical Thinking Skills

The various battleship games on the market are relatively simple to play, they are a lot of fun and are a great learning tool. How? Battleship games introduce school kids to coordinates and grids in a hands-on kind of way; it helps them understand the relationship between rows and columns, as well as the relationship between […]

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2021-04-10 Lego Architecture Sets for STEM Skill Building Fun

Lego Architecture Sets for STEM Skill Building Fun

Do something constructive with your time with the Lego Architecture series! Fantastic for encouraging concentration, dexterity, and STEM skills, these spectacular sets let you piece together famous structures, monuments, and cities from the real world. What’s , each box includes a premium Lego bolet giving detailed information about the original building’s design and history. In […]

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2021-04-08 Awesome Art Sets

Awesome Art Sets To Inspire Imagination And Creativity

Artistic activities like painting, drawing and coloring are wonderful activities for children and teens. Art positively affects children’s brains by encouraging neural connections. Artistic expression promotes creativity and problem-solving skills and helps children understand and process the world around them. In addition, scribbling serves as a pre-cursor to writing for younger children. Art sets are a […]

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On Wings of Words: The Extraordinary Life of Emily Dickinson by Jennifer Berne, illustrated by Becca Stadtlander

Summary:  Emily Dickinson’s life story is told from beginning to end, with her poetry woven into almost every page.  Her internal life is explored, how she d bos and sought answers when confronted with deaths of people near her.  As she grew older, she withdrew , focusing on her writing and only interacting with a […]

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2021-04-04 Slime Toy Sets

Slime Toy Sets for Scientific Kids

Kids playing with slime! It’s a sticky, gooey, gloopy mess – and it can also be a wonderful science lesson! Slime laboratory kits can provide young scientists with (very messy) hands-on experience of a wide range of scientific principles. Through fun and safe experiments, they can learn about polymers, viscosity, density, cohesion, the scientific method, and […]

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2021-04-03 Toy Fire Trucks

Fantastic Toy Fire Trucks for Junior Firefighters and Flaming Fun

Bright colors, howling sirens, extendable ladders, and gushing hoses… what’s not to about fire trucks? Screeching through the city streets and bringing your little firefighters to the inferno just in time to save the day, these toys are ideal for immersive role play and teaching young kids all about the important work done by […]

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2021-03-28 Arduino Starter Kit

Best Arduino Starter Kit Options for Young Programmers

For children and teens interested in robotics and programming, an Arduino starter kit is an excellent way to begin. What exactly is Arduino? Simply put, Arduino is an open-source platform used for building and programming electronics projects. Projects range from incredibly simple to very complicated. Arduino refers to two things. First, the actual programmable circuit […]

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