The Good For Nothing Frogs: Children’s Book Review

Yet another funny book from the My Crazy Stories series by Daniel Georges. We have read the earlier stories in this series and like the earlier ones, this one is also very funny but ends with a meaningful message. Wait, actually not just one meaningful message but many.

The Good for Nothing Frogs is a laugh-out-loud picture book with two wicked characters, a king and his crocodile chef, and a whole bunch of frogs. The frogs made the terrible mistake of disturbing King Grouchel’s precious sleep.

What would happen to the frogs now? Was it a very bad night to be a frog considering the anger of the king? Read this funny book to know more.

I read this book together with my son and it’s a book that delivers comedy punch to crack up both kids and adults.

Apart from the hilarious story, this one has beautiful messages to convey on various topics:

  • It’s a good story to highlight how all creatures, big or small, fat or thin have their unique place in the ecosystem.
  • It conveys the importance of the food chain and the role of every creature in balancing our environment.
  • It’s a story that can explain how everything in life has a purpose.

Packed with cute illustrations and fun characters, this one would be a hilarious read for kids below 8 years age and this whole series would make a wonderful gift for kids who love humor (which I am assuming every child likes :)). And guess what, this book is available for free in Kindle Unlimited (India subscription) right now!

There is also a free giveaway going on for this book at Goodreads right now. You may check it out here. The giveaway ends tomorrow.

As we always say, we love doodling the characters of the book that we enjoy reading. It makes the overall reading experience more fun for us. If your little one would like to doodle a cute frog, you may check our frog doodle tutorial here. Feel free to download the second image as a coloring sheet for younger kids.

If humor is what your little one enjoys, you may give this book a try, also available as free read loud (link in the post).

If you enjoyed this book or doodling the Froggie :), do let us know by sharing your design at contactkiddingly@gmail.com

Title: The Good For Nothing Frogs

Author & Illustrator: Daniel Georges 

Suitable for: Age 3 – 8 years

Available at Amazon here.

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