Review: My Best Friend, Sometimes

My%2Bbest%2Bfriend%2BsometimesWe all have best friends and like many friendships they have their ups and down depending on what is happening in our lives.

The sheer joy of finding a person who thinks like us, to the anxiety of when the friendship falters for whatever reason.

This is the story of two inseparable friends who love to giggle, whisper and share outlandish secrets. But sometimes neither of the girls want to share or agree on the same game to play.

The girls do not always like the same things and neither want to compromise.

One of the girls doesn’t understand why her friend Stephanie doesn’t like her new shoes. They are very pretty, sparkly and brand new. Nor does she understand when Stephanie won’t share her candy with her – normally she does especially as she knows it is her favourite. Why is her best friend not talking to her, has she done something wrong? How can she fix it?

Author Naomi Danis has captured the nuances of friendship – how the littlest misunderstanding can change the dynamics and future of relationships. Illustrator Cinta Arribas shows the disappointments, confusion and happiness of friendships – the expressions demonstrate the girl’s feelings better than words.

Parents will appreciate this story for when their children ask the inevitable question – why don’t they like me anymore? This picture book will create an understanding and allow children to explore and celebrate friendships. It doesn’t matter how old you are, true friendship is a commodity we all value and trust, especially as our lives grow and change around us.

Title: My Best Friend, Sometimes
Author: Naomi Dani
Illustrator: Cinta Arribas
Publisher: Pow Kids Books, $28.99
Publication Date: 30 April 2020
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781576879467
For ages: 3 – 7
Type: Picture Book

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