The Little Book of Presidential Elections by Zack Bush and Laurie Friedman

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by Zack Bush and
Laurie Friedman
Illustrated by Sarah Van Evera
Picture Book
ages 4 to 8
This topical title has a dual mission.
Not only does it take young readers 
step-by-step through the process 
of electing the president of the United States, it also provides a clear, 
kid-friendly explanation of the concept of voting and why it is so important. 
With engaging text and warm illustrations, The Little Book of Presidential
Elections breaks down the process of electing a president—from selection 
of the candidates, to the primary and general elections, and even features 
an easy-to-understand explanation of the electoral college and how it works. 



With the presidential election right around the corner, this is definitely a timely topic, and a great chance to introduce young listeners to the election process in a fun way.

Starting with bumper stickers and advertisements, the listener is guided into first what they might know about the presidential elections before being steered into more detail. The authors use examples like deciding what a family eats for dinner to explain what an election is and how it works…and this does a pretty good job at putting it in terms young listeners will understand. Everything from what a candidate does (select me!) to voting to the electoral college is covered. Some themes are a little difficult even though this book does a pretty good job at simply bringing them across. So, it’s a great way to introduce discussions into the topic as well. Plus, I’m not sure the younger side of the intended age group will grasp everything…but as said, things like the electoral college are a little more complicated. I’d recommend this one for ages 5 and up.
The illustrations are very bright and very bold…almost overpowering, at times. But they are done with love and do make certain explanations clear. The characters are very positive and it brings across a lovely atmosphere while still not letting the seriousness of the theme fall to the wayside.
This is a nice book to pick up for those wanting to learn more about the election process. It’s not politically bent toward any direction (a huge plus anymore), but simply hits the facts surrounding the presidential election and how it works. In other words, this one works well for home schoolers and learning situations as well.


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