Can I Eat That – Children’s Book Review

Do eggs grow on eggplants?

If I eat jelly and I eat fish, can I eat jellyfish?

These and many more funny questions and answers, that’s what “Can I Eat That” is loaded with. Fussy eater or adventurous with food, this book by Joshua David Stein is sure to bring a smile on your face.

Interesting, informative, and playful, it is a wonderful book that discusses food with wordplay and encourages the little reader to try out new food.

In this book, food critic Joshua David Stein whets the appetite of young readers with a wondrous and informative approach to talking about food. This humorous, stylized and entirely unexpected set of food facts will engage both good eaters and resisters alike. Food and textile illustrator Julia Rothman brings an authenticity to the text that Stein has written from the heart, for his own three-year-old and for pre-schoolers everywhere.

It’s best suited for young readers below 5 years age group but for a one time read, it can be a fun read-aloud for little elder kids too. The pun around the words makes it an interesting treat for language skills.

The read-aloud version of it is available withThe Story Time Familyhere.

Do give this one a try and in case you’re looking for some more fun books around food, you can try “Zombies Don’t Eat Veggies” or “The Hungary Caterpillar”, both are humorous and themed around food.

And if your little ones like doodling and would like to try some food doodles after reading this book, you make check our Instagram page for doodle tutorials here.

Title: Can I Eat That?

Author: Joshua David Stein

Illustrator: Julia Rothman

Suitable for: 3-6 years

Available at Amazon here.

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