Turtle Walk by Matt Phelan

Published by Greenwillow Books

Turtle Walk: Phelan, Matt, Phelan, Matt: 9780062934130: Amazon.com: Books
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Summary:  A family of turtles sets off for a walk one spring morning.  “Turtle walk. Nice and slow. Here we go. Are we there yet? No.”  This refrain is repeated as they continue to travel through a landscape that turns into summer, fall, and then a snowy winter.  On each page that says “No” they stop for a rest.  Finally, after a long climb up a snowy hill, the answer is “Yes”.  The turtle walk is no longer nice and slow, as they all slide down the hill on their bellies.  They wind up in a cave: “Turtle rest. Nice and long. Here we…zzzzz.”  32 pages; ages 2-7.

Pros:  Even the youngest kids will be able to chant along with the repeating refrain of this book, and the watercolor illustrations provide a delightful feast of details that can be found in each season.  The final page makes it a perfect bedtime story.

Cons:  Speaking of bed, it looks like an exhausting journey.

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