Soccer With Mom: Children’s Book Review

Sometimes we think we are progressive parents raising boys/girls without any gender bias only to realize it suddenly that a lot of such biases come to kids subconsciously from the environment they live in. I had one such realization recently.

We have relocated to a different country a few months back and one day my son came back from his school telling me surprised that his soccer coach is a woman. I said casually, “yes, that’s great.”

“But Mumma, she is a mam and not sir!”.

There was a clear element of surprise in my son’s tone. And I got it from where it was coming. To start with, despite being an open-minded, confident, ambitious woman, I am not a sports person by default. The only two physical activities that I was fond of since childhood was swimming and cycling. And as I entered into adulthood, I picked up Yoga due to health reasons and became addicted to it. Even though I am physically active, I am not the one who plays football or cricket with my son. And none of his previous sports teachers in our home country were women. All, and I repeat all his coaches in the past have been men. So perhaps his surprise was natural. Since that day, I have been reading him stories of famous female athletes, sportswomen, and more.

While biographies are good but I landed up recently on this book titled “Soccer With Mom” by Frank Berrios and Jess Golden. It’s such a cute book presenting the day-to-day life of a brother and sister and their mom.

Their mom Karen who is also a soccer coach and loves to play with kids on weekends. In this delightful slice-of-life family story, we get to see the weekday and weekends of the family. Saturday is a busy day for both brother and sister who play soccer in a league coached by their mom. The boy loves soccer and loves it more as he is being coached by his mother.

Sweet, fun, and delightful – that’s what this book is. An easy to read, day to day story about a young boy and his sister that kids below 6 years would love to read.

Not only this book shows a woman as a coach, rather a mom as a coach and I loved this part :).

And as I have been doing it for all my recent recommendations, I am trying to suggest books for which online versions are available. This one is also available as read aloud at Brightly Storytime and you can enjoy listening to it here.

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Title – Soccer With Mom

Author: Frank Berrios

Illustrator: Jess Golden

Suitable for: Below 6 years age group.

Available on Amazon here.

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